Counter Strike Source vs Golbal Offensive By Tatongo.

Counter Strike Source vs Golbal Offensive By Tatongo.

Borderlands 2 Trailer

Meet the pyro is finally here.

Mount & Blade: Warband

This is my favorite game ever. Mount & Blade is just so perfect in my eyes, the ideal game. Sure, it has some flaws, and the graphics aren’t great, but in some way that just makes me like it more.

The graphics aren’t very good, they look outdated (In my opinion they’re perfectly fine, but most of the games I play don’t have great graphics, so I guess my bar is low :P), but what M&B is great with is the gameplay. You start deciding many things that determine your character-They give you options, for example, on who your father was, and you can choose one of 4 options, from as low as a thief to as high as a nobleman. These choices determine how hard the game is and what your character excels at (Ex: If you put that you were a squire, you’ll be better with a sword than if you were a university student, but in the latter you’ll excel at intelligence which’ll help with other skills).

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Beat Hazard Review

 Not so long ago, we made a review about Audiosurf, a game which generates levels according to the music you choose. Well, today i’m bringing you a review of another game that generates levels like that: Beat Hazard

 Beat Hazard is an indie shooter/action game set between space, that generates levels according to the music you choose from your own computer. Things like gun’s shooting speed, enemy spawn rate, boss encounters, and visual effects will vary depending on the music you chose. for example, if I choose something calm and relaxing, like some Reggae, my spaceship would fire really slowly and enemys would also move slowly. But if I choose something heavier, like Heavy Metal, say, Slayer, then my spaceship would fire a constant beam and enemys would fly through the screen at immense speeds, which would be rather hard.

 The way the game generates the levels is really good, especially with tracks that constantly change tempo or have frequent breaks. Every time you finish a track, you gain experience, which you use to rank up. You also get the chance to unlock a new perk, and you can later upgrade it with the money you won. When you start a new game, you start with 3 lives and 3 bombs. When you lose all your lives, the game’s over, and you have to choose a new song and start again. You can raise the number of lives and bombs you start with if you unlock the right perks, and you can also unlock new weapons like Missiles or a Reflect Shield.

 It is really addictive, tough your head can start to hurt if you play too much, since the visual effects are really strong, and it is recommended that you do not play the game if you are sensible to seizures. It also features a multiplayer mode, with compatibility for xBox 360 controller (Or PS3 controller with an emulator, like I prefer) to play with a friend, or you can create and online game. The game has 3 versions, Beat Hazard Demo, Beat Hazard and Beat Hazard Ultra, which has tons of features more than the normal version, but costs US$ 5.00 as a DLC to the game, which costs US$10.00 (Tough, you can buy them together for US$ 12.99 plus iTunes compatibility)

Some fun tracks to play, even if you don’t like them, are: Slayer - Angel of Death |  Green Day - East Jesus Nowhere | System of a Down - Chop Suey! | Disturbed - Indestructible | Black Veil Brides - The Legacy | This songs are pretty twisted, some are fast and heavy, and others have lots of variations for a moved gameplay.  Even if I didn’t like Slayer, I would buy their CD to play their songs and blast some enemys. 

 All in all, the game is really good and I could not find too much cons, and I would totally recommend it, especially the Ultra version, which is much more than just worth it. I would rate it: 9/10

by -Gohaster-

Update: New Member

Hey there, I’m TheGenericBanana and I like games, playing them and developing them. I’ve recently made my first game and it got sponsored, and it’ll be up soon. I’m from the US, so all my reviews will be in English, although Gohaster or Tatongo will translate them to Spanish. Just today I bought the Potato Sack Reunion (13 indie games worth $150 total, for $20), so I’ll probably make a bunch of reviews for those games. I’ve also been super hooked with Mount & Blade: Warband, so you can expect a review for that real soon.

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Review: Nation Red

 Some weeks ago, a good friend of mine bought a game for me. It is called Nation Red. Before writing what I think I would like to say I am very thankful for the gift and I appreciate it.

Nation red

Nation Red is about zombies. You choose a class and you play in a map so small, that I would like to go to the company and hit whoever made them with my keyboard. It looks like the game’s only purpose is to make money selling it to zombie games fanatics.

It has multi-player, survival and other game modes including “Missions” that are like a campaign but with small maps and only one objective: Survive zombie waves. The artificial intelligence is so bad, and the animations make you want to put a nail on the animator’s eyes. I didn’t even finish the missions because they are too boring. The levels are way too repetitive and you get tired of shooting zombies. Talking about repetitive things, the music is pretty good, but once you hear it for over a hundred hours non-stop, you want to tear your speakers apart, throw them through the window and play “Who can spit in the speaker?”

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Review: Nation Red

   Hace unas semanas, un buen amigo me había regalado un juego. Red Nation se llama el juego. Antes de decir lo que pienso quiero decir que estoy muy agradecido por el regalo y lo aprecio mucho.

Nation red

  Nation Red se trata sobre matar zombies. Elijes una clase y vas a un mapa tan pequeño, que me gustaría ir al la empresa y pegarle con mi teclado al la persona que diseño los mapas. Pareciera que el único propósito de este juego fuera ganar plata tratando de venderle el juego a la gente aficionada a juegos de zombies. Tiene multiplayer, survival y otros modo de juego incluyendo “Misiones” que sería como la campaña pero con mapa pequeños y un solo objetivo, Sobrevivir a unas oleadas de zombies que te tratan de matar. La inteligencia artificial de los zombies es tan mala y las animaciones es como para ir a clavar un clavo a los ojos del animador. Yo ni siquiera termine las misiones de tan aburridas que son. Los niveles son repetitivos y te cansas de seguir disparando a los zombies. Hablando de repetitivo, la música es  muy buena pero una vez que te lo hacen escuchar la misma música por ciento cincuenta y cuatro horas sin parar, tenes ganas de arrancar tu parlantes, tirarlos por la ventana y jugar a “quien llega a escupir el parlante”.

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